What gets you fired up?


I had a layover in Houston, Texas this week. My husband and I took a Southwest flight to Portland, Oregon and we had a one-hour layover at Gate 42. Everything about the layover was very normal until the sermon began.

A man who appeared to be in his late thirties was rolling his baggage down the terminal and then stopped in the middle, pulled out his bible, and started giving a sermon right there in the middle of the gates about the glory called Jesus Christ. So many dismissed him as a loon, even my own husband was locked and loaded with some 80’s tunes jamming away, but I sat there watching him intensely.

  • He never once faltered his words. (Conviction)
  • He preached about the wisdom he found in the bible. (Knowledge)
  • He felt completely comfortable standing there and sharing the good word of God. (Mastery)

I watched others around the terminal to see their reactions. Some watched and pointed with little grins. Some were annoyed he was making noise while they were trying to solve their Soduko puzzle. Even some parents quickly ushered their children by whispering words of concern which I could only imagine contained thoughts like, “crazy” or “illness” and here I was mesmerized by this man’s basic carnal exhibition while being completely and utterly jealous of the fire in his belly.

I admit it. I was crazy with jealousy.

You see, the first thing I thought of was how ridiculously lucky this gentleman was to create his own ‘sermon on the mount’ through the sheer passion he had for believing in Jesus Christ.If you think I’m talking about religion, you’re missing my point. I couldn’t have cared if his preaching was of God or knitting, he was fired up!

His conviction, knowledge, and mastery on the topic moved him to do something about how he felt. He didn’t need a pulpit, lectern, or some stage to perform. He created his own tent and was inviting you to the revival to hear the good word. He had something so powerful in his life worth sharing that he felt the need to stop and exorcize his passion with others so he could simply carry on with his everyday duties like making his way to his destination.

It made me ask myself, “What am I fired up about?”

The sneers, snickers, and snotty comments of others when events like this go down do not even phase me. At forty-five years old, I no longer subscribe to the belief you must live your life one way to be a good human being. There are lots of ways through the maze of life and who am I to judge another on how they get there, as long as they get there, right? These feelings are often fraught with jealousy; they could make the decision to do the same thing too, but they don’t.

Guess what? This guy built his own stage to climb onto and be the star of his show. Who am I to judge someone whose proverbial balls were bigger than my own?  (Well, he was a guy, so his were REALLY bigger than my non-existent ones, but you know what I mean!) So, I needed time to think about what got my juices going. What made me so excited that I would stop and share my good word…even in the middle of a busy airport terminal. I needed a few days to digest this.

Connection – that’s my jam!

I love to love people. I love to see people even when they think they are invisible. I love to connect with others.

Social media is a way to feed that fire, but it’s not my preference. Does that shock you? A social media person telling you that social media is not their thing? Did I just rob a social media angel of her wings somewhere?

The fact is, I only like social media for the ability to connect on a larger level. It’s the connection part I’m addicted to, not the Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I’m much more in tune with my email and CRM than I am with the algorithms. I would much rather host a party to bring people together than starting a group message on Facebook (OMG, I hate those by the way. If you send them out – please, I beg you to please stop.)

Do I love it enough to stop in the middle of an airport?

Assuming I had no fear of public speaking (I have NO ISSUES with this) and talking to strangers doesn’t cause an anxiety attack (um, nope, I’m good), then let’s see. I speak at a lot of conferences per year. I hold webinars. I do Skype meetings. I would say, “Yes, I could stop in the middle of an airport and say I love it that much.” So that covers that, but does that equate to fire in the belly? For me, it does.

I forgot Kid President just a few years ago reminded us about our need for a Pep Talk. We probably need to watch this weekly (some on the daily!) (Click the picture and get a pep talk right now!)


I thought a lot about my Sermon on the Mount Minister this week. He may not have moved me closer to God, but he reminded me fire is good. Getting excited about my life, my work etc. is important. I have to be awesome right now!






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