FLOTUS and fashion – why does anyone give a damn?


I am going to preface this post with, “I absolutely freaking love The New  York Times.” I’m an avid reader not only in the morning but the evening brief as well. So much to love. Now – on to the point of my post.

It pains me to point out that I get they have a fashion section (to feed the enormous appetite for those into haute couture while I sit in a pair of jeggings and Toms) but can we cease and desist when it comes to important, national issues than to share what FLOTUS Michelle Obama and Melania Trump wore on their recent visit together? OMFG, really?

The First Lady and what she represents today is so much more than a dress.


I get that the undertone of FL Michelle Obama’s dress was about the blending of the blue and red colors for unity (to make purple). I also get that this dress was beautifully crafted by a Cuban-American immigrant, but does The New York Times really believe these subtleties are ever present to the common voter (or non-voter as 46.9% of the people didn’t even fucking show up)? Hell no, so why represent women in such a superficial way in such an awesome newspaper?

The best advice The New York Times writer could give Melania Trump was to invest in a stylist.

That has to be a joke alone. I don’t know, why not tell her to invest in teaching her what a real troll looks like on social media (i.e. @realDonaldTrump is a great place to start)? As a social media strategist, blogger, writer, speaker I could definitely get behind this message of online bullying and zero tolerance. Developing rules and regulations to keep balanced conversations on social media would be a huge win for everyone: corporations, small businesses, religious entities, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

When Melania Trump was interviewed on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl, I had to almost laugh when she said, “…she would also rebuke her husband ‘all the time’ for his social media presence.” But then goes on to say he doesn’t listen to her (…um…because he’s a bully…) So getting her some real help here would benefit the common good of everyone, not a stylist. Who gives a damn what she’s wearing if she’s taking out the bullies? I surely don’t!

I have to give Stahl a huge thumbs up for not asking about her fashion, though. I mean, it’s completely inane that I have to shout out props to a female television journalist in 2016 for talking to a woman about her initiatives and not her Louboutins. [Insert sarcasm, eye roll, and light head shaking here…]

I guess that’s one small step for women, but remains one giant step back for mankind. #sadface




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